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Samurai Taisen

This is Warring States period in Japan, a time of social upheaval, political intrigue, and military conflict that lasted roughly from the middle of the 15th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

You begin your path as Ji-samurai, lords of small rural domains in feudal Japan. Develop your lands, gather your troops, train your samurai, build your own mighty clan, do political manouvers, and or crush others who are trying to obstruct your path to the title of the "Shogun"

Employ Komusō to gain intelligence, Hire ninja and geisha to eliminate your foes. Make allies or enemies, the choice is yours.

What New?

Registration is now open for anyone that want to reserve their username before the game goes live. You can register yourself an account here.

Developer Team, 30 April 2013.

After months of development and tweaking, In several weeks, Samurai Taisen will go Open Beta. The server will be up and open at May 6th, 2013. Thank you for all the closed beta participants for all your feedbacks! >>Read More

Developer Team, 23 April 2013.

In several days, Samurai Taisen will go Closed Beta 1. And as I wrote this, you may now register to the forum to stay in touch on whats happening on Samurai Taisen. You may register your in-game account once the countdown timer on the main page goes 0. You will be asked the Closed Beta Key code upon registration, so if you still haven't get one you can check it here because it will be closed soon. >>Read More

Developer Team, 5 December 2012.

PST Team is sadly announce that a closed beta test date has now been delayed for Samurai Taisen due to various reasons. It will be available for closed testing at 7 December 2012 at 00:00AM (PST). As for now you may request your closed beta key here. Sorry for the delay!

Developer Team, 28 November 2012.

PST Team is proudly announce that a closed beta test date has now been set for Samurai Taisen. It will be available for closed testing at 30 November 2012 at 00:00AM (PST). You may request your closed beta key here. We will be waiting for your participation!

Developer Team, 1 November 2012.

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Samurai Taisen

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